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Updated: Feb 3, 2023

I promised I would be back to tell you how I changed my life around during the pandemic didn’t I? Well here I am!

The first topic I want to talk about is help. Self-help to be precise. I have read so many books to motivate myself: have a better business model, when to start a blog, what do you need to have a good start. The best diet, how to manifest your dreams and how to unlock your potential and how do you manage your time better.

I spend a full year planning and motivating myself with the help of professional books. And I ended up doing nothing at all. I did everything except for putting my plans into action I needed more and more but planning for everything is planning to never start. I would make the best of my life during the pandemic but instead I wasted my life away doing the same thing every day: work-watch tv-sleep (with some essentials in-between).

Trust me when I say that I got a lot of good advice from self-help gurus. But I don’t use a specific program, I don’t follow any method to the teeth. I just use what fits my lifestyle and my needs and guess what? It works!

My first topic is not a self-help method for you to follow. My first topic is HELP YOURSELF. Follow your needs. What do you need and how can you change things to make your life better? Don’t think you need more money, more time, more equipment, more help. More is not necessarily better. Thy to work smarter instead of working harder. Try to read self-help books but only apply the things that will work in your situation and NEVER spend more than you have to spend. Notice how I don’t say spend more money? It applies to everything! Start your journey with what you have. Starting with a positive attitude when your depressed is a false start and that will set you up to fail. Instead try to start as slow as possible. Sometimes a shower in the morning is already an accomplishment.

People who are in debt could try and save a dollar per week. It’s not going to pay off your debts but it’s a positive way to start your journey, right?

I know that my situation is not yours so don’t do what I do but feel free to use my experience to make your own life better.

Next time I will talk about my weight loss journey. See you then!

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