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Mid year reset and MacBook Pro unboxing

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Hello there beautiful person!

I screwed up! I had my wedding anniversary the first day of July and I was supposed to have a cheat day...but that turned out to be a cheat week and then it turned out to be a cheat month!

I a

te way too much too long. Not only that: I also stopped working out and I went out of my way to spend my savings on my new MacBook, new dining room chairs and random accessories I didn't really needed.

it all sounds horrible! like the: "no way back, end of the road, doom scenario".



Things actually went great. because I wasn't focusing on eating the right way I let myself go out to have dinner and lunch, I have an MacBook now that allows me to make better content for my blogs and YouTube.

I realised what didn't give me joy the past couple of months and where I need more guidance.

so long story short:

this is my reset. not even my mid year reset but my august reset!

I'm starting over today because I can an anyway is a good day to start❤️

Love you all!

also watch my YouTube vlog about my midyear reset...first vlog edited on my MacBook 😍

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