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Full time job during corona.

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

I am sure we all hear this or said this ourselves: because of this pandemic we have so much more free time! News flash: Not all of us gained extra free time during this pandemic. A lot of people still have the same fulltime job. A lot of people just lost the ability to enjoy their free time because everything is closed down and we can’t meet up with friends and family.

Selfishly as a person who never stopped working fulltime during this pandemic I am going to write about how to try and have a normal life in 2021 while working fulltime.

In 2020 I approached my new “work situation” as a problem.

I went from working at the office every day to working at home full time. From 2 large screens to work on and a fancy desk to my dining room table with a chair that is comfortable during dinner but definitely not supportive for a full day of office activities. I went from talking to my colleagues any given time to scheduling a team meeting. From drinking office cappuccino’s to make-your-own-coffee at home. From using pens and staples and printers and markers and post-its and every other possible office necessity to buy it yourself (but no we can’t because of the pandemic). And all of this overnight without an adjustment period.

For a long time I sat at home being uncomfortable with limited supplies very busy working from seven at the morning to six at night. A lot of times without taking breaks, leaving me just enough time to shower, cook and eat. All of this without walking more than 200 steps in a day. Working from home means colleagues contacting you trough WhatsApp, skype, teams, mail, email and even trough mobile when they used to only call of visit your desk. Not going to the office meant going from my bed to the dining room chair and back to bed with some breaks to shower or eat junk food. In the weekends I would be so tired from working all day that I sat and watched tv to relax myself. What else could I do during a pandemic? Needless to say this situation had to change so I searched for an optimal new work environment and I am glad I found it and even more than just a new work environment. I truly can say I changed my life for the better. I Lost 10 kilo’s and gained a lot of free time even though I still have the same job. How did I do this?

I am dedicating the next couple of blogs to my new lifestyle. Keep reading :)

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